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Here at KKDA we aim to promote and nurture a love for dance and self-expression. We strive to create a high energy environment where students can learn proper dance technique and terminology while also developing life-skills such as teamwork and self-discipline.


Hey there dancers and dance parents!

My name is Kara Sandlin, owner and operator of KKDA. I have been in the dance world for almost 30 years. Like many, I began dance at a young age to “test drive,” if you will, not knowing where God would lead me with my new hobby. I started traveling the U.S. as a competitive dancer at nine years old. I took classes with many famous choreographers, dancers, actors and actresses. My instruction included classes at the Broadway School of Dance as well as with the Rockettes. It wasn’t until later in life, probably the age of 20, that I started dreaming of owning my own studio.


In the summer of 2012, Kara’s Kicks was born. I began teaching in hopes to share my love of dance with the next generation. Over the years, I have witnessed the power of dance. I have seen the studio become a place of escape and the place where lifelong bonds are made.


Each year my students and I grow and learn from each other. The studio is my home away from home and my second FAMILY.


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