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Classes are paid for monthly, not weekly, as a result, there are no refunds for missed classes. If you should need to miss class, please notify the instructor ahead of time. 


RECREATIONAL CLASSES: No student will be punished for missing classes, however, please be respectful to fellow students as well as the instructors bearing in mind it is hard to work positions/ placements and partner choreography when students are absent.

COMPETITIVE CLASSES: Competitive dancers have excessive amounts of preparation and work that will go into a season, therefore, dancers are held to high standards.  Absences and tardies will be monitored. Should these become chronic occurrences, probation or removal from competitive classes will occur.


Costumes and Fees:

Costumes, tights, accessories, recital fee, etc. are now included in monthly tuition.  Upon enrolling the only items you will need to purchase will be shoes. Shoe fittings will take place the first month of class and will be mass ordered to ensure we have the same styles and colors. 


Enrollment fee:

Each student is subject to a one-time enrollment fee of $20.  This will be paid in person at student's first class. 

Tuition Policy:


Tuition will be a recurring monthly charge. Once you have enrolled online and set up a card on file, tuition will come out that same date of each month. Please keep up with accounts to ensure all transactions will be successful. Failed transactions/late payments will results in a $15 fee. 


Withdrawal and Refunds:

There is a two-month minimum for all classes. When you enroll you are agreeing to pay tuition for a minimum of two months.  Withdrawal must be done in person and will not be accepted over the phone.  Withdrawal must occur before the first lesson of the month to not be charged for that month.


To withdraw from classes a parent must inform staff in person. 


All automatic charges will stop after the student has been properly withdrawn, no refunds will be made. Once costumes have been paid there will be no refunds. Instead of a refund you will receive your costumes even if your dancer is not performing in recital.


We do not allow direct observation from the dance room.  Parents are more than welcome to sit in the lobby while waiting on their student to finish class.  On occasion parents are allowed to come watch the last few minutes of class, but this is not a regular occurrence.  Registered dancers may be dropped off and picked up; it is not necessary for you to stay. Your other children may not be dropped off without an accompanying adult.

All cancellations will be posted on the Facebook page as well as in the group message. 


KKDA does not directly communicate with parents while a class is in session.  All information will be posted on the business Facebook page and sent in the group messenger chat.  Please be responsible for getting the information from there and please turn your notifications on.


Parents are also required to be present at the end of class for possible announcements. Please contact Miss Kara whenever the need arises. We want your questions to be answered but instructors do not have time to talk between classes as this takes time out of other student's learning. Please continue to be mindful of this.


Classroom Etiquette:
Reasonable rules and standards are provided to promote self-discipline. Students should arrive at the studio with sufficient time to change into dance shoes to begin class on time. If students need to leave before the end of the class, they should notify the teacher before class begins. Students may not leave the classroom without first receiving permission from the teacher. Instructors have the responsibility to see that their class is under control, and they have the authority to dismiss any student who will not cooperate and is a disruption to the rest of the class. Inappropriate behavior will not be allowed. No gum will be permitted inside the classrooms during class or rehearsal.


Dance Recital:
We have an annual recital in May where students will showcase their dances from the season.  With graduations, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and other events scheduled, I ask that you refrain from booking trips or making travel commitments until we know the exact date of the show.  


Release of Media:

By enrolling in Kara's Kicks Dance Alliance you are allowing pictures and video to be posted on all of our social media platforms.

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